For Teachers / Educators

This page provides some information to assist you in using the PACTS resource with students.

The PACTS resource

The PACTS open access online teaching and learning resource, concerning family violence, has been designed for use with primary health care students. The resource teaches the basic background on family violence (including scale and impact), as well as the skills needed to identify and respond to victims and survivors of family violence, and work in a multi-disciplinary health care team in this context.

PACTS is a multidisciplinary resource that changes knowledge and attitudes to family violence across the primary care disciplines.

Course material

Within this open access website, the following pages provide specific learning and teaching material:
  • Learning Modules – provides users with access to the six PACTS online learning modules (core content). These modules include videos, short lectures, self-reflection activities, and quizzes.
  • Videos – provides links to the PACTS videos which support the six learning modules – these video links are also referenced throughout the learning modules.
  • Wrap-up – provides a quiz for students to test their knowledge and receive feedback (this is not an assessment task).
In addition, The PACTS study guide (PDF) provides print-format details of the material presented in the six PACTS learning modules. The study guide is in the process of being updated.

Additional learning strategies

To maximise learning and teaching in this area, you could consider the following:
  • Establishing real time, facilitated discussion forums as an adjunct to the online resource.
  • Instigating student assessment items.


Family violence is a sensitive topic for teachers/educators and students, made more complicated because a number (up to 25%) will have very personal encounters, some of these ongoing, with family violence. In recognition of this, the 'Support' page of this website provides information about support services and resources that teachers/educators and students should be aware of when encountering this difficult but important area or learning.

If the PACTS resource is being used as part of formal teaching, it is also recommended that a designated (and appropriate) teacher/educator/staff member is available to provide student support if/when necessary.

Delivery platforms

This open access website ensures easy, uncomplicated and widespread distribution of the resource; however, this platform does not provide for online dynamic engagement between teachers/educators and students.

The PACTS resource is available in an alternative delivery mode – Learning Management System Compatible (LMS) Packages or SCORM packages which can be uploaded onto any LMS. This platform provides teachers/educators with the ability to design a more dynamic engagement with students, include formative and summative assessment, and track student participation. Please contact Dr Jennifer Neil if you wish to receive these packages: