Module 1: Defining 'family violence'


This module provides an overview of background knowledge and information about the issue of family violence within our community. It defines ‘family violence’ and discusses the types of violence and abuse encompassed within this definition. The content in this module also provides an outline of the extent and prevalence of family violence in Australia along with its associations with health and wellbeing; namely, physical health, emotional and psychological wellbeing, and economic and social impacts.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to:
  • Define ‘family violence’ and recognise different types of violence
  • Recognise the extent of family violence across Australia and internationally
  • Describe key theories of cause and frameworks for prevention of violence
  • Recognise family violence as a health and social issue and understand the health, social and economic impacts of violence on individuals and our community
  • Describe the role that primary healthcare professionals can play in situations of family violence.
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