Module 5: Management and referral pathways


Module 5 encourages students to reflect on the importance of being part of a team in responding to and managing family violence, and act as an informed and effective communicator. The module content also highlights key medical, legal and community referral pathways in discussing the healthcare professional's role as part of a multidisciplinary and coordinated team. At a community level, this module discusses the role healthcare professionals play in engaging with communities to advocate for the prevention and intervention of family violence.

Note: The quiz in this module is for the Australian context and international students are encouraged to investigate the answers to the quiz questions for the country they are training/working in.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to:
  • Recognise the importance of being a part of an informed primary healthcare team that is knowledgeable about, and aware of, family violence
  • Identify the strategies you could employ in your future practice as a healthcare professional to effectively communicating with other healthcare professionals and patients/clients
  • Describe and identify medical, legal and community referral options and pathways for patients/clients who have experienced family violence
  • Describe the role primary healthcare professionals can play in engaging with the community to promote and advocate for improved prevention and intervention strategies for family violence.
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