Welcome to PACTS

Welcome to PACTS (An innovative Primary care program Advancing Competency To Support family violence survivors). You are about to undertake an online learning package about family violence. We hope you find this program interesting, informative and challenging. This program is designed to help you develop skills and knowledge to assist you care for people who have experienced family violence. By participating in this program we anticipate you will gain greater insight into this difficult clinical area.

There are 6 learning modules which cover the following topics:

Using these modules to maximize learning

Just a brief note on how to use these modules: this program has been developed to help you broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of this area of practice. We would thus encourage you to do the modules sequentially. However, we recognize that not all learners are the same and so you are at liberty to undertake them in whichever order you wish. We would also encourage you to undertake all 6 modules - it is anticipated that you will need several sittings to do this.

PACTS Study guide

The PACTS study guide (PDF) provides print-format details of the material presented in the PACTS package. Please note that this guide is currently being updated.

Alternative delivery modes

If you wish to receive the six PACTS modules as SCORM packages for uploading onto a Learning Management System (LMS) please contact Dr Jennifer Neil – email: jennifer.neil@monash.edu. (Note: SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) packages are generic files that can be uploaded onto any LMS). Also contact Dr Neil for any other enquiries concerning alternative delivery modes for the PACTS resources.